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  • Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Without Vision, Politics is the Name of the Game

Yesterday I was interviewed on Israeli TV on President Rivlin’s speech this Tuesday. In his speech, Rivlin said that a battle is being conducted against the ‘gatekeepers’, claiming that they are motivated by political considerations. “They are crying,” Rivlin directed his words at the Prime Minster and his aides, “saying that from the justice system and through to the army, everything has become political.”

The problem with Rivlin’s speech is that everybody is right.

When a nation has no vision, everything becomes political. There is no gate for the gatekeepers to keep and they themselves become part of the political game. The different branches of government do not balance each other with their eyes on a vision or common goal. Rather, they fight each other in order to amplify their power – simply for the sake of power.

The person guilty for this situation is the leader (the Prime Minister) who lacks any real message or vision.

But Rivlin should not cry crocodile tears over Israel’s political reality. Politics is the enlistment of a vision to serve one’s personal interest. Leadership is the enlistment of one’s personal interest to serve a vision.

When Rivlin calls the gatekeepers “The Rule of Law Gang” when they prevent him from becoming Justice Minister but stands at their side when he needs them to amplify his own power – he adds the President’s Office to the list of the politically motivated.

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