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  • Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

To Prevent Vegas-Style Murders, Give the Good Guys Guns

25% of the shooting murders in the US take place in only 4 cities:

Chicago: 9.4%

Baltimore: 6.7%

Detroit: 6.5%

Washington D.C.: 2.3%

Surprisingly (or not), those are the cities that have made the dreams of the gun control proponents come true. According to their logic, these cities should have been on the bottom of the list of the shooting murders. And certainly not at the top.

Automatic weapons are highly regulated throughout the US, including in Nevada. But even if the massacre was perpetrated with a legally held firearm, what was missing at the scene of the crime was a responsible citizen in a nearby room who could have aimed his own weapon and finished off the murderer a short time after he began shooting.

Gun control controls the good guys. The bad guys get the guns regardless – both in the US and in Israel. The innocent citizens remain defenseless, abandoned to the ‘good will’ of the villians.

At least until the police arrive…

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