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  • Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

A Rosh Hashana Letter from Moshe Feiglin

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5778

Dear Zehut Members,

5778 is shaping up to be a year full of challenges. The consciousness of existence alone, from which the state was born and which provided the momentum for its development, is gradually diminishing. In order to continue the Return to Zion, a new stage must appear – the stage of transition from the consciousness of existence alone to the consciousness of destiny.

This is Zehut’s message.

As the new year approaches, Zehut is ready for the challenge of elections, at a level far above than where we were on the eve of last Rosh Hashana.

In addition to the continued building of the branches and the field activities, the home meetings, lectures and media appearances - an efficient and professional team under the leadership of the party's director general, Shai Malka, has built a data base and organizational capabilities for the party, bringing it to a highly professional level.

Five tiered-goals were achieved this year:

• Publishing of the Zehut platform.

• Branding and preparation of infographics videos.

• First Zehut convention

• Activating the communal structure

• Primaries for determining party candidates, who will run in the open primaries stage.

First Tier: Publication of the Platform

Zehut’s platform, published this year, is much more than another party platform. This is no less than a historical document. Perhaps for the first time since Herzl's "State of the Jews," a political party in Israel is grappling with the basic questions of our national identity in the modern era, setting out basic principles, delineating goals and formulating practical policies to achieve them. Zehut’s platform is not only a collection of effective and original solutions to current problems, but a continuum of coherent policies dovetailing to build the Jewish state of liberty.

True, not many people will read a 312-page document. But when candidates on the Knesset list are interviewed for the media and respond with quotes from a binding platform written and endorsed by all members of the movement, the general public understands that Zehut is a new kind of party, a party in which people advance ideas - and not vice versa.

Second Tier - Branding, Information Brochures, and Infographics.

Creating a unique graphic language and making the solutions available to the general public not only intended to convey the information, but also to create the overall feeling that we have a serious party with a real plan of action.

The infographic video explaining Zehut’s political plan has gained more than half a million (!) views on my Facebook page - apart from other views on other media channels. The infographics video explaining the voucher program in education also received significant exposure.

5778 finds Zehut equipped not only with its deep, innovative and detailed platform, but also with the uniform graphic language and tools for making it accessible to the general public.

Third Tier - the First Zehut Convention

On 2 Adar 5777/28.2.2017 we held a well-attended convention in Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv Port. This convention set new standards in Israeli politics, bringing together nearly 2000 participants from all over the country and from all walks of life to an event that combined politics and entertainment.

It was an extraordinary demonstration of unity and strength. Anyone who was there could immediately understand that Zehut is a rising force in Israeli politics.

The primaries system was determined at the conference and a vote was taken to approve the party's platform.

The professional and high-quality production, together with the need to complete the branding of the movement and the preparation of the platform and information materials until the target date, put the party into a positive momentum that left us on the day after the convention, in a much more mature and prepared place.

Fourth Tier – Activation of the Communal Structure

From the outset, we decided that Zehut’s institutions and the manner in which members of the party would act and influence - would reflect the community's perception of our party. On the basis of the idea of ​​the Biblical Ministers of Tens and with the backing of modern technology, our member Dr. Nitza Kahana developed an interactive system that gives continuous representation to each Zehut member.

Fifth Tier – Primaries for the 21st Knesset Slate

On the 21st of Elul, Zehut members chose the list of 15 candidates to be rated by the general public in advance of the next Knesset elections. The six-point system and the manner in which the elections were held online - from any location and without polling stations - are a refreshing innovation. The election method, which prevents the forging of “deals” and hiring chartered vehicles for voters, infused the entire voting process with a relaxed, practical organized atmosphere. The candidates complimented and helped each other, and no suspicion or complaint was recorded. The entire counting process was completely transparent and the candidates’ representatives roamed freely through the headquarters and supervised the proceedings.

The primaries aroused great media curiosity. In one of my interviews, radio broadcaster Yaakov Bardugo (Galatz) revealed that in two in-depth surveys conducted for two large parties, Zehut has a very surprising and positive disproportionate result.

When the list of winners was announced, it was clear that Zehut was blessed with a varied and fascinating list of candidates. Religious and secular, men and women, immigrants and veterans. The entire mosaic that constitutes Israeli society has been given direction and identity.

To sum up, friends and colleagues - 5777 was a year in which we built the tools.

We pray that in the year 5778, Israel’s 70th anniversary, we will be able to use these tools properly, to establish a Jewish State of Liberty in our land and lead Israel to its destiny.

I would like to bless each and every one of you with a good year,

A year of health, freedom and prosperity

A year in which all our wishes will be fulfilled with goodness

To perfect the world in the Kingdom of Heaven,

Moshe Feiglin


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