• Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Why is Netanyahu Making a Scene?

A decade ago, the world held its breath in anticipation of an Israeli strike against Iran, modeled after its strike on the nuclear reactor in Iraq. Then the threats and speeches from every possible podium began.

In practice, the responsibility of Israel’s government for the security of its citizens was passed on to the US, in the hope that they would attack Iran instead of us. But the Americans are not pushovers. They decided to employ sanctions and harnessed the free world to the idea. Afterwards, the Americans signed a pact with Iran, with Israel locked outside the conference room.

If Iran abides by the agreement, it will have a legal nuclear bomb in another 8 years. If it does not abide by the agreement, it will have an illegal nuclear bomb before that.

Now, when the dam has burst and all the countries that went along with the sanctions are celebrating with mega-deals with Iran and there is no chance that they will nullify the pact – now Netanyahu expects Trump to stick his fingers into the water gushing out of the dam? He expects him to nullify the pact with Iran and make a fool of himself?

That will not happen. Netanyahu, who is responsible for this strategic collapse, knows that well.

So why is he creating this scene?


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