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Army Radio Interviews Moshe Feiglin…and Surprised Him with a Poll

On the day of the Zehut Primaries, Israel’s Army Radio interviewed Moshe Feiglin. The following is the translated transcript of the interview.

Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of the Zehut Party, Shalom to you.

Shalom Yaron, how are you?

Fine, when are the elections?

The elections are taking place right now. Close to 70% have already voted.

No, I am asking about the general elections. Because you are already holding primaries.

Forgive me, I am now at Zehut Headquarters, totally focused on what is happening here.

How many voters do you have? How many people are voting in your primaries?

We have 25 candidates running for 15 slots on our slate. There are approximately 3,000 registered members of Zehut, of whom 70% have already voted. Our voting method is very unique. It is certainly an exciting day.

Do you have a list of recommended candidates, Mr. Feiglin?

What is nice about the Zehut voting method is that there is no back-room deal making. The method does not make deals possible.

Prove that. Convince us of that.

I will prove it. Listen, when you get six points that you can allocate to whomever you want, you have nothing left with which to bargain. I can explain the whole system to you later, I don’t want to burden the listening audience. But this system prevents all the ills that we experienced in the Likud in the past.

First of all, I will explain it to my co-interviewer here afterwards, but it really is an interesting system. I learned it from one of your candidates.

Try to explain it, because it is not only me. All the functionaries should also understand.

It is hard to make deals with this system, but I want to go on to something else. Mr. Feiglin, I requested this interview with you because to my surprise, and I am not being benevolent, I am totally surprised. Over the last week I have seen two in-depth polls of two major parties, which, by the way, are not checking Knesset mandates but rather public exposure. And I saw that you have disproportionate numbers for what is called…and I usually do not believe polls, but I do accept public exposure polls. Can you explain how it is that you don’t appear in any polls, in any system, and nonetheless in in-depth polls, you get points? Are you going to be the surprise of the elections?

I have no doubt about it, Yaakov. Whoever came to the Zehut Convention half a year ago and saw thousands of Israelis from all walks of life, from all the sectors of Israeli society, all converging on Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv on just an ordinary day, to the largest hall in Tel Aviv, right? With G-d’s help, this will be the surprise of the coming elections.

What is Zehut, from your standpoint? Is it rightists? What is it? Describe it.

Zehut is Am Yisrael. Zehut is everybody whose Jewish identity and the Jewish identity of the State of Israel is important to him, on one hand – and whose liberty is important to him, on the other. In other words, both right-wing and true liberalism.

Almost like the new Likudnicks. You are almost like the new Likudnicks.

Not at all. The Likud has not been this for a long time. The Likud is not right-wing, it is not liberalism. No, really not at all. You have here a party with a vision, a message and a true platform.

What will you consider to be a good achievement? To pass the voting threshold? Or 15 mandates? Where do you locate the party’s achievement?

We are not discussing the voting threshold at all. All of those polls that you mentioned – I also don’t believe polls, but the in-depth indexes talk about a double-digit potential and that is where we have set our sights.

Are you for sure number one in your party? Or will there be surprises in the primaries?

I have already been elected to be the Chairman of the party.

Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut, Wishing you much success!

Thank you.

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