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Meet the Candidate: Semyon Fudim

About me

I am 62, divorced, and father of two adult daughters, who I raised myself, and have one grandson. I have lived in Israel for 28 years. I worked at Bezek as an engineer for 25 years. I am currently retired. Why Zehut? Zehut is the best party in the country. It can solve all of the problems of the state: the Arab-Jewish conflict, education, housing prices, and conflicts around religion. What do you bring with you to Zehut? I know how to speak with people, I have faith in the Zehut way, and a talent for persuasion in Hebrew and in Russian. What will be your main political focus? Before the elections, I will focus on bringing voters to the party, and after the elections, the Arab-Jewish conflict and areas like education. How will you bring voters to the Zehut party? I have concrete views, knowledge and persuasion. So why should we vote for you? I am convinced that I in particular am the one who is capable of changing the educational system in Israel.


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