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Meet the Candidate: Rabbi Dudi Spitz

About me I was born in 1960, I am married, father of eight and a grandfather. I went through the routine program for those days, studying until the age of 18 at a yeshiva high school, I studied for three years at Yeshivat Merkaz Harav and afterwards joined the army. After completing my military service, I managed Machon Meir at Bar-Ilan University for about a year, mainly explaining Judaism and Jewish identity in various ways. After about a year, I returned to my studies at Yeshivat Mercaz Harav for about eight years, during which I was ordained as a rabbi and served as a mohel, a field in which I specialized over the years. I also taught others in this field. In the year 1990/91 we moved to the north and I became a rabbi of the Tami company, which over the years became Unilever Israel. I have been serving in this capacity for 27 years. I also teach Torah and deal with circumcision and more. Why Zehut? In my opinion, Zehut raises the banner of Judaism and the freedom of the individual and society among the Jews and in Israel. As such, it brings the Jewish people closer to its Jewishness by free and full choice and prevents social and environmental influences and pressure that harm the purity of our connection to our Jewish identity. What do you bring with you to Zehut? I bring to Zehut many years of activism in love of the Land, even before the Zo Artzeinu movement. From the founding of Zo Artzeinu, I took part in the movement's public activities. After that, I worked hard to promote these ideas in the Likud, striving to lead the country, until we realized that we could no longer advance our goals there. Since I left the Likud, I have been doing everything for these goals in Zehut. I am also a member of the Executive Committee. What will be your main political focus? I would like to focus on strengthening the freedom of the individual through authentic Jewish connection, by bringing these messages into education and by realizing these ideas in all spheres of life and in every government ministry. An area that is particularly close to my heart is the preservation of national lands, handing them over to young couples, and fostering excellence in agriculture. How will you attract voters to the Zehut party? I believe that merging the world of Jewish values ​​with the world of libertarian values ​​is an area that interests Israelis. It is very important for every Jew to preserve his Jewish identity and his personal freedom, as is evident from many surveys. I can express myself well and by doing so attract voters from all walks of life in Israel. So why should we vote for you? I do believe that the people of Israel deserve better leaders than I, but for the sake of the aforementioned promotion and with the proper modesty, I wish to be your emissary.


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