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Meet the Candidate: Ilan Sagi

About Me

Ilan Sagi, previously independently employed. Against my will a bereaved father of Erez Sagi, z”l, who was killed in Operation Protective Edge.

Why Zehut?

I came to Zehut after many meetings with Knesset Members, in order to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate the function of the Cabinet during Operation Protective Edge. I understood that change has to come from the inside.

I chose to join Zehut because I chose a leader who loves the Land of Israel with all his heart and soul. He speaks the truth and is much more a person than a politician. I chose Moshe Feiglin.

What will be your political focus?

One state for one nation. Death penalty for terrorists. Safety for soldiers. Everyone must know that the blood of our soldiers is not cheap. To care for and improve the lives of bereaved families.

How will you bring new voters to Zehut?

I am invited to speak on a monthly basis before young commanders and soldiers. I speak to them about the ultimate directive to safeguard human lives – particularly their own lives.

The first thing to do to attract new voters is to make them understand that Zehut is not extreme. I will respect every person and will level with him. I will tell them that the State of Israel needs people like me and you – people who enter the Knesset on their own merit and not in the merit of unions that sell votes or other political tricks. I will tell people that I am coming to work for them out of love for people, love for our Homeland and the tradition of the State of Israel, its democratic principles, laws and institutions. For the sake of its values and the tradition of the Jewish Nation throughout the generations.

So why should we vote for you?

Clearly, I feel that I have a mission – an unwritten will of my son, who is before my eyes every moment, minute and second – which says, “Abba, I fought for the State of Israel and the Nation of Israel and did not succeed. You should continue my war and triumph.”


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