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Meet the Candidate: Dr. Daliah Stern

About me My name is Dr. Dalia Stern and I have been a member of the "Zehut" party for the past two years. I am the chairperson of the Raanana branch of the movement. My roots are in Hebron. I am a seventh generation resident of the country and my cousin was executed by the British as a member of the Etzel: Mordechai Alkachi, may G-d avenge his blood. After receiving two degrees from Bar-Ilan University, I was sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to France to head two departments at universities in Toulouse and Paris teaching Hebrew literature. There I completed my PhD in Social Sciences and Humanities. Why Zehut? The reason I chose "Zehut" is because of my strong connection to Jewish identity, which is the main component of our being here. What do you bring with you to Zehut? I was part of the founding forum of Women for the Temple, which encourages pilgrimage to the Temple Mount. I have been visiting the Mount regularly for many years, and organize communities from the center of the country to visit there. The connection to the Temple Mount is a cornerstone of our existence and I firmly believe that Israel needs a plan, a goal and direction regarding who we are and where we are headed. I have served as a university lecturer in Israel and abroad, and previously worked in the Israeli Knesset as a consultant to the Education and Culture Committee and with the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. What will be your main political focus? I am familiar with parliamentary work, and this time I want to apply it to the principles that I believe in and which I implement through my writing and my actions. My writing today revolves around the importance of the Mikdash and my recently published book entitled "A Woman Calls for the Temple" as well as a play by this name is very successful throughout the country. I received the Bialik Prize in my youth and my main goal is to deal with the fields of education, culture and society, including the establishment of an international professional public relations system, which Israel lacks. I will work for another goal in the area of welfare. I will work to enact a law against cults in Israel, which our society lacks, and which is crying out for correction. There are 110 cults in Israel and 300 youth fall into them each year, and there is no recourse for them and their families. How will you attract voters to the Zehut party? As a publicist with 8,000 Facebook friends who support me and back me up in my political opinion, as a world-renowned woman, with two years in China and fluency in four languages, as well as being a woman of vision and spirit, will contribute to this goal, due to my wide experience in Israel and abroad. So why should we vote for you? Anyone wishing to change the face of Israel for the good, all who wish for the country, the Land of Israel, for its Jewish values ​​and the Jewish civil law which is its foundation, owes it to himself and his children to choose the appropriate representatives to work for this purpose. As faithful, artistic, and right wing woman of education and spirit, I have the tools and the qualities to act to lead Israel in a true vision and belief to its goals: a land with an Israeli Jewish identity based on morality, integrity, and social equality.


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