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Meet the Candidate: Arkadi Motar

About Me

Arkadi Motar, 46 years old, married to Marinah and father of five amazing children. I live in Ofra. I made Aliyah from the USSR when I was 19.

Bachelor’s degree in administrative accounting and information systems.

IDF: Officer in Air Force and Defense Ministry.

Consulting Firm: Consultant to senior administrations in field of information systems.

Current Occupation: Administration of computing systems worth millions of shekels.

Hobbies: Certified tour guide, administrative/business/personal coacher.

Why Zehut?

Zehut is a unifying – not sectoral – party.

Zehut is the only party that deals with the fundamental problems of the State of Israel.

Zehut deals with strengthening Jewish identity, emphasizing the resilience of democracy in the face of those who wish to take advantage of it.

What do you bring to Zehut?

A tremendous amount of experience in appearances in the media.

A wealth of experience in transforming vision into reality.

Deep understanding of processes in government organizations.

Thinking out of the box.

What will be your political focus?

Encouragement and advancement of Aliyah, with an emphasis on jobs.

Reform of procedure for election of High Court justices.

Strengthening government commitment in services to the citizen.

Continued work on the “shotef+” payment method.

War on MVAs.

Application of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Lowering cost of living by battling extraneous regulation.

Treatment of pension situation for socioeconomically weak.

How will you bring voters to Zehut?

I will continue to spread Zehut’s ideas in different communities, with the emphasis on olim from the former USSR.

Home meetings, social media, leading social projects.

So why should we vote for you?

I can bring the Russian olim votes to Zehut!!!

As a chozer btshuva I am a bridge between observant and non-observant.

Standing firm on principle. In 2005 I was sentenced to 21 days imprisonment due to my refusal to take part in driving Jews out of our ancestral Homeland.

Excellent interpersonal relations, decades of experience in team work, convincing.


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