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Meet the Candidate: Libby Molad

About Me

My name is Libby Molad. I am married to Itzik and the mother of 2, a lawyer by profession and work in hi-tech. I have a master’s degree in political communication and am a Montessori counselor. I live in Kadimah because it is here that I found a Montessori kindergarten that fits my values. We moved to live near the kindergarten.

Why Zehut?

To put it succinctly, because Zehut is the most liberal party. It is the only party that advances true separation of religion and state. It strives to methodically ease the regulatory burden in every area of our lives: housing, health, education and more. Zehut is the only party that strives to remove coercion from relations between citizens and from the relation between the citizen and the state. It strives to protect the individual from the intrusion of the state into his life and his pocket.

What do you bring to Zehut?

Years of advancing liberty, understanding of liberal thought and willingness to stand for my principles. I think that I know how to present liberal theories in a way that awakens public sympathy. In addition, I have experience in real estate law and understanding of the heavy regulation in this field and in additional fields.

What will be your political focus?

It is difficult to choose from among all the issues that I would like to advance. There are many things that I would like to rectify. Many areas of life that must be freed from servitude. But as a mother, the issue of my childrens’ education is particularly close to my heart. It is important to me to choose the school in which my children will learn and it is important to me to lighten the burden of regulation from the building of new schools geared to the varied needs of the people. That is why the advancement of the voucher method in education will be one of my main issues. In a more general manner I would like to open up public discourse on liberty.

The voucher method for education leaves the funding of education in the hands of the state but gives the parents freedom of choice, with the state directly paying the school that the parents have chosen. This method includes opening registration areas for schools and gives authority to principals to pay teachers well. The method will create healthy competition between schools and has been proven to improve students’ achievements and parental satisfaction from the education system.

How will you bring voters to Zehut?

By telling them the simple truth: a strong Zehut means a truly liberal state, in which the individual is free to actualize himself and his destiny.

A strong Zehut means less governmental corruption because less government intervention and less state authority in our lives means much less room for bribery for government officials. No less important – a strong Zehut means taking a strong, principled stand against Arab terror.

So why should we vote for you?

The State of Israel is facing internal societal challenges and security dangers. My record until now means that you can rely on me to act with responsibility and thoroughly according to the principles that advance liberty and not according to the latest poll and what is popular to think today and will be forgotten tomorrow.


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