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Meet the Candidate: Shmuel Duek

About Me

My name is Shmuel Duek. I am 53 years old, married to Karni, an educator, and father of Yael and Yehonatan.

I have been involved and politically active since my teen years. I believe that with constant and determined action we can, together, bring about the change that we desire. My long years of experience will allow me to be a tool to express the Zehut platform and ideology.

In all the different frameworks in which I was part, I struggled for the principles that Zehut champions:

I was an active member of the Tehiya youth and was part of the struggle against the withdrawal from Sinai and the expulsion from Yamit, demonstrated against the Oslo Accords and was active in the struggle against the expulsion from Gush Katif.

I was the commander of a medical unit in the Tank Corps and continued in that position until I finished my army reserve service.

I was part of the Board of Directors of the yishuv in which I live (Deputy Chairman of the Local Council and head of the monetary board, security and youth). Today I am active on the Security Council and volunteer in the police department.

By profession, I work as an advisor and expert for organizational computer infrastructure.

Why Zehut?

In Zehut I found the unique combination of civil rights, personal liberty and Jewish identity, which are so lacking on Israel’s political and ideological scene.

The democratic, inclusive and deep manner in which Zehut’s platform was written is an exemplary form of mutual creativity.

Like you, I am a proponent of synthesizing free economy and communal responsibility, while decreasing government interference in the lives and choices of its citizens.

What do you bring with you to Zehut?

A strong desire to actualize – and not just talk about - change. I believe that the path is no less important than the result. The team is made up of all of us – together.

Throughout my public activism, I have maintained a consistent worldview. This worldview is expressed in Zehut’s platform – which I will safeguard with no hesitation. I will invest all of my experience, knowledge and the tools that I have acquired in political activism, while preserving Zehut’s platform and its unique, coherent and fresh worldview.

What are the issues upon which you will focus?

Justice – restoring the checks and balances between the government


Limiting Locus Standi to direct victims, regulation and limitation of the High Court’s authority as per the Zehut platform.

Election of judges by the legislative branch and regulation of the legal advisors as a position of trust limited to advisory authority only.

Religion and State – Restoration of religion to the private and community realm.

Reduction of state involvement in the religious lives of its citizens and communities.

Fortification of the Jewish character of state institutions while separating them from the private sector.

Focused effort to encourage halachic conversion and make it more accessible.

Affording Hebrew Law an authorized position in civil law.

How will you bring voters to Zehut?

My profile as a Jew with an ‘invisible kippah’ can be used by the party as a bridge to a large sector to which we want to turn. This sector wishes to return to its Jewish identity from a place of liberty. Past frameworks have been too sectarian and did not include the concept of liberty and Jewish identity.

In accordance with the strategy to be determined by the party, I will invest all of my experience and will express my proven ability in action. For example: Holding home meetings, direct and full partnership in the campaign and work in the Zehut headquarters.

Why should we vote for you?

In light of all the above, I ask for your trust to be your representative and work for you. I bring with me experience and commitment to our goals for 35 years. I have motivation and vision along with experience and proven ability in public and community work.

I believe that as your representative and with your support, we can together bring this state forward toward our longed-for goal.

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