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Meet the Candidate: Dr. Nitza Kahane

About Me

I am Nitza Kahane, 58 years old, married to Baruch and mother of ten children. I am a doctor of biology and work in research in the Hadassah medical school in Jerusalem. I have been active in Zehut since the days of Zo Artzeinu. I was responsible for the Jerusalem region in Manhigut Yehudit. I was a member of the Likud Central Committee and member of the Charter Committee. I was one of the initiators of the El Machar program for young people, am a member of the Board of Directors of Zehut and responsible for Zehut’s Communal Structure.

Why Zehut?

I am in Zehut because I believe that the state of the Jews has a world-wide destiny, as the national expression of the Nation of Israel. It is only in the State of Israel that Judaism will once again become a living culture and, as such, a light unto the nations and blessing for the entire world. The Zehut party is the only political party that strives to lead in order to foster the development of our country in that direction.

What do you bring with you to Zehut?

Many years in the movement, continual clarification of the ideology that motivates us together with practical and effective action. From organizing demonstrations in Jerusalem during Zo Artzeinu, organization of various gatherings, activism in the Likud during the different elections and the activation of Zehut’s Communal Structure.

What are the issues upon which you will focus?

Privatization and independence of our education system without destroying the existing system. Restoration of the family as an autonomous, healthy unit with a gradual change of the laws that reduce that autonomy and the responsibility of parents for their children.

How will you bring voters to Zehut?

The voters that I will bring to Zehut will be from my home base – the Religious Zionist sector – as well as from other, varied sectors that I am able to talk to as a result of my years of political activity.

Why should we vote for you?

My ideological base is strong and there is a good chance that even with all the upheavals that occur, I will be a faithful representative of Zehut’s ideology. In addition, I have experience and understanding in many areas, which will allow me to work well as a parliamentarian. I also have proven ability to get the job done, as you can see from my years of political activism.


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