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  • Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Islamic Terror: Why in Western Europe and not in the East?

Why is Islamic terror striking Western Europe, while it has not touched Eastern Europe?

On the surface, Islam should first have sought to obliterate its age-old enemy, the more Christian countries in the east. Only afterwards would we have expected it to continue on to the countries without much religion in the west. After all, these are the very countries that whole-heartedly opened their gates to Islam.

Both Islam and Christianity are religions that seek to conquer humanity: Islam by means of the sword and Christianity by means of love. Both Christianity and Judaism are historic foes of Islam, but Islam’s real strategic goal is to take over the world. That is why it goes to the easiest victory first. And the easiest victory is Western Europe, not the East.

Why is it easier for terror to strike in the stronger and wealthier countries?

Why are the strong actually the weak?

The answer is identity.

Religion is the main component of culture and identity. In Eastern Europe (and in a certain measure, in the US as well) the faith component is still strong and dominant enough to create a solid identity that can face off against the challenge of Islam’s absolute identity.

There is nothing more certain than death. The culture of post, which challenges all essence and identity, finds itself paralyzed in the face of this certainty. The beheadings of ISIS shock the Norwegian and Belgian. But they also mesmerize them. The police in Sweden retreat before the Shariya. London experiences a wave of conversion to Islam.

They have all the physical strength that they need to deal with Islamic terror, but they are like Samson, whose locks have been shorn.

Israel is also the strongest – and the weakest.

We have submarines in the sea, but we can’t even put a metal detector on the ground.

We have technology.

But we don’t have identity.

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