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Meet the Candidate: Shlomo Gordon

About Me

Shlomo Gordon, 26 years old, Jerusalem. I grew up in Aurora, Illinois, USA, in a traditional family. At the age of 13, I was in Israel for the first time and I knew that I would make Aliyah. After high school I made Aliyah and began the adventure of my life with an ulpan to learn Hebrew, agricultural work, a hike on the Israel Path and more. I enlisted in the IDF and served as a lone soldier in a combat position in the Tank Corps. After the army I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in biophysics in Bar Ilan University. Today, when I am not busy campaigning, I work in translation and editing. I am also an activist for freedom of speech. I try to live a life of Torah and mitzvot and define myself as a Ba’al Teshuvah.

Why Zehut?

Why are concepts like enviousness and “pushovers” so common in Israel? The source of that is in the high taxation and re-allocation of resources. The solution is liberty and reduction of government to the bare minimum. We have a swamp of corruption in Israel and we must deal with it. There are certainly worthy people in other parties, but as demonstrated by Moshe Feiglin, it is impossible to fight institutionalized corruption alone. Now Israel has an opportunity it never had before: An entire political party that stands behind a detailed platform that explains exactly how to dry up the swamp!

What do you bring to Zehut?

  • I grew up with true liberal values. Live and let live.

  • On the other hand, solid ethics and backbone. I understand when the other side is not letting me live.

  • Healthy intelligence and analytical thinking.

  • Independence from entities foreign to our interests.

  • Deep understanding of political strategy, geopolitics and Middle-East.

  • Effective at explaining issues, based on my talents and experiences.

What will be your main political focus?

  • Freedom of speech: The more that censorship in Israel and the world intensifies, the more I understand that this is possibly the most important issue. I am sure that we have the right message, and as long as we can continue to make our voices heard, we will ultimately succeed.

  • Open economy for the veteran Israel as well as for the new immigrant. Freeing up the land for construction market. Encouragement of aliyah down to the fine details. Forcing universities and all educational institutions in Israel to accept degrees and diplomas from overseas. It is Jewish national interest to bring as many new immigrants as possible, ego games of deacons notwithstanding!

  • Radical change of policy in the Golan Heights: Fostering the settlement of one million to two million Jews in that region. This is a critical process that will improve the demographic balance, Israel’s economy, security and more.

  • Health: De-regulation of complementary medicine, cannabis and more.

  • Environment: Dealing with issues like agricultural pesticide, water and air pollution and more. Sometimes, regulation is needed here. But the purpose of this regulation is to protect us. Currently, the goal of the regulation is to protect the monopolies!

  • Information: Most Israeli politicians are not aware just how ridiculous our public relations sounds. When we will begin to act according to our vision, I will at least be able to defend our just stance!

  • The Temple Mount and the Land of Israel: There can be no peace without justice. It cannot be that there are places in the Land of Israel in which a Jew is prohibited to walk or pray. I prefer quiet, but if in order for there to be justice here, they will start a war against us, we will fight and triumph. As in the words of King David, “I am for peace and so I speak. They are for war.”

How will you bring voters to Zehut?

English speakers and Israelis who have returned to Israel are important target sectors for Zehut for a number of reasons: They know that life is possible without choking bureaucracy. Many of them have not despaired of rectifying the situation in Israel. I speak their language – not just verbally – but I also share their mentality. The policy change in the Golan is my unique political focus, with a lot of electoral potential. Issues like health and environment are also not usually found on the Right!

So why should we vote for you?

I do not belong to anyone and my personal interest is that as much of Zehut’s platform will be implemented as possible, so that we may survive and thrive in the Land! I am staying to fight for our People - no matter what happens here. But I prefer that it will be pleasant and I want to establish a family here. I have a good understanding of who we’re up against and the mechanism that they employ - but also how to stop it and restore democracy.

In other words, I’m here to drain the Israeli Swamp!

I am young, so with your help, and with God’s help, I will have many years in the Knesset. This is critical, as the war for our Liberty and Sovereignty will last for many years.

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