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  • Tova Even-Chen

Meet the Candidate: Tova Even-Chen

A Bit About Me…

I live in Lod, the heart of the social periphery. I am a mother of three, grandmother of six, divorced, graduate of the Michlalah in Jerusalem in Tanach and counseling, and was in the first class for rabbinical advocates. I have practical experience in formal and informal education and led a major initiative in the Rabbinical Courts that can be instrumental in overcoming the divorce crisis. I have a lot of background in local and central government, am a community activist with proven success in public transportation and am at the forefront of a number of civil struggles in my city.

Why Zehut?

I see in Zehut the precise platform for leadership of Israel. It is a Jewish, liberal party with a diplomatic and economic platform that can be realistically actualized. Zehut was not founded for power, but in order to make it possible for every Israeli citizen, who are the sovereign, to enjoy liberty. This is a fundamental and vital change in perception in Israeli society.

What do you bring with you to Zehut?

As a rabbinical advocate, I have been searching for years for a way to unchain the affinity that ties the state to religious services. I despise niche parties and legislation that attempts to force one person’s path on the other. I am absolutely enchanted by Zehut’s educational plan, which restores control over a child’s education to the parents and honor to the teaching profession. I am convinced that implementation of this plan will vastly improve the students’ achievements in all subjects.

I bring to Zehut my vast experience in nationwide municipal systems and non-profit institutions. I know how to lead initiatives and ideas from the foundation until the implementation and am enthusiastic about embedding – with team work – Zehut’s broad perspective on economy and state. I can accomplish this with a steady hand which, without doubt will connect a diverse public to our platform. I see myself as an agent for change.

What are the major issues upon which you will focus?

I intend to:

Carry out an essential change in how Israel relates to family, with an emphasis on families in crisis. Equality in the economic burden for men and women during divorce. Restoration of the authority to solve conflicts to the families. Israel needs a total revision in everything connected to personal status. I have a well-thought-out approach to this issue.

The dissolution and decentralization of monopolies in religious/state affairs, government companies and transportation.

Focus on re-organization of local government so that we can supply it and communities with more authority – without the danger that this power will be abused.

How will you bring voters to Zehut?

I am multi-faceted and reach out to a diverse public. I see this as an advantage as an agent for Zehut among the general public. And yes, I have absolutely no problem with rolling up my sleeves for some hard work. You can test me on that.

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