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  • Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Just Get Out of the Way

“The Finance and Health Ministries will examine how it is possible to export medical cannabis from Israel,” Israeli headlines recently reported.

This is a very important news item that testifies to a ray of light, logic and hope breaking through government impenetrability.

Israel is home to groundbreaking cannabis research and development. Unique strains of medical cannabis are being developed here all the time for direct treatment of various symptoms.

The entire world is watching and waiting for Israeli cannabis developments. An entire agricultural hi-tech industry could have been established here a long time ago. Besides providing cures for the ill throughout the world, this industry would have catapulted Israeli agriculture into an entirely new era, created tens of thousands of jobs and about 4 billion shekels annually in earnings for Israel’s economy – just for starters.

But all that we are seeing now is a few rays of light streaming through the cracks in governmental impenetrability.

There is no reason to “examine how it is possible to export medical cannabis.” We simply must stop preventing it from happening.

If we adopt the “just don’t get in the way” approach, it will rapidly become clear that 65% of Israel’s government ministries are completely expendable.

Zehut’s platform shows how the government apparatus can be reduced from 30 ministries to 11.

The government has two main jobs:

One: Security and Justice

Two: Don’t get in the way

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