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  • Rob Muchnick, US Representative of Zehut

Capitulation, Thy Name is Bibi

Those of us who love the State of Israel and wish only for its best are noticeably more upset now than usual. We want Israel’s leader to be strong and proud. We want Israel’s leader to stand up to our enemies. We want Israel’s leader to shout to the world the justice of our cause, and to live up to those words.

Many of us have generally been happy enough [me not included] with Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, as he usually says things that are close enough to what we want to hear to placate us until the next humiliation.

But this time, with him backing down and removing the metal detectors from the Temple Mount at the demand of our genocidal enemies, it seems like a huge number of us have had it with him.

But if we take a hard look at Bibi’s history, does he really stack up to what we need in a Jewish leader? Is this the first outrage? Let’s see.

Before he became Prime Minister, he pledged to end the Oslo Accords, but as soon as he took office, he changed his mind and continued them.

Then he pledged to make the enemy live up to their signed obligations. He said that he would abide by the accords if the “Palestinians” do. The Fakestinians still haven’t lived up to any of their signed obligations, and yet during his first term Bibi gave them control of Hebron and large sections of Judea and Samaria. This resulted in the murder of Shalhevet Pass in her father’s arms in Hebron.

He pledged not to make any concessions to the Fakestinians unless he was able to bring Jonathan Pollard home. However, instead of getting Jonathan released, Bibi released THOUSANDS of Arab terrorists from Israeli prisons. Many of these animals went back to their old “Jew-killing” ways, with one of them killing the astounding figure of 31 Jews by masterminding two bus bombings.

Against the wishes of the entire state, Bibi has tried multiple times to give the Golan Heights back to Syria in return for a worthless piece of paper from the tyrannical Assads.

He pledged to be opposed to unilateral withdrawals, but then he voted to support Sharon’s “Disengagement” from Gaza. In order to make us think that he opposed it, he resigned his ministerial po‎sition one week prior to its implementation, which was well after it could have been stopped by any political or legal means.

He pledged never to support a state for the enemy, but after he became PM for the second time, he changed his mind and now supports the creation of Fakestine in our biblical heartland and in Gaza.

He pledged to keep building in Judea and Samaria, but then issued a complete building freeze on Jews for almost a year to entice the author of the PLO’s plan to destroy Israel in phases, Mahmoud Abbas, back to the negotiating table. And since this building freeze ended, Bibi has kept the level of Jewish construction at only 20% of the level that the leftist Ehud Olmert permitted. (This is why housing prices have skyrocketed in Israel over the last decade.)

He pledged to handle the Iranian bomb problem, but then begged the United States to handle it. As of now, no one has handled it.

He pledged never to give in to terrorists. Then he had our soldiers fight, armed with only paint balls, against terrorists who were ramming our Gaza blockade. In the next wave, after our boys used guns to kill a few of these terrorists, Bibi actually paid reparations to Turkey (where the terrorist flotilla launched from) to “normalize” relations.

He pledged to uphold the security of Israel. So why does he provide Gaza with tons of concrete and other building materials, when his own staff has said that 95% of these materials get used by Hamas to build more “terror tunnels” from Gaza under the border into Israel? And instead of destroying Hamas and retaking Gaza and throwing the bad guys out, he has Jews spend months in bomb shelters while our boys go door to door in Gaza getting killed for a few months of quiet. Let's also not forget that while three Jewish soldiers were risking their lives fighting in the streets of Gaza for Bibi, that Bibi sent other soldiers to destroy the homes of these soldiers in Samaria because they were built in the "wrong" locations. And the Fakestine that he wishes to create will reduce Israel to only 9 miles wide, making it militarily indefensible.

He pledged to fight the BDS movement. However, he gives the Palestinian Authority $50M each and every month, and the PA is the logistical and financial engine for the BDS movement. The PA also foments and commits untold terrorist attacks against Israel and pays salaries of these terrorists while they sit in Israeli prisons.

He pledged to protect the rights of all Israelis, and yet he arrested a number of Jewish teens, refused to charge them or provide them with any evidence against them, held them without access to lawyers, and tortured them until one of them confessed to a crime that was most likely done by one Arab clan against another clan.

He pledged to have Jewish pride, and yet he released almost 100 terrorists to entice the financier of the Munich Massacre, Abbas, to come back to the negotiating table.

He said that Jerusalem was “off the negotiating table”, but when a bill was put forth that said just that, he opposed the bill and made sure it was defeated.

He pledged to protect our soldiers as they carry out their missions, and yet he has not intervened in the case of Elor Azaria, who shot a non-bound terrorist to death after the terrorist had stabbed a soldier. Azaria has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for shooting the terrorist and protecting Jews.

He pledged to protect Israel’s Jewish identity, yet he arrests any Jew who prays on our holiest site, the Temple Mount. By doing this, Bibi is telling the world that our holiest site is not our own, which means that Bibi is really telling the world that we are "occupiers". And by creating Fakestine, he will be giving these people who literally have no history and no justice to their cause the land where 93% of the places mentioned in our bible are located.

He pledged not to support any further unilateral withdrawals, but he is currently trying to ram approval for construction of 14,000 housing units for Arabs in the Israeli-controlled section of Judea and Samaria through his cabinet. This is actually a "stealth" unilateral withdrawal that Bibi is attempting. And we should keep in mind that Bibi is making this maneuver during Trump's term and not under Obama.

And now, after a couple of Israeli policemen were murdered on the Temple Mount, he installed metal detectors to provide security. But then Bibi removed them after the Fakestinians demanded they be removed.

In all honesty, I am of the opinion that not one inch of the Land of Israel can be given to anyone because G-d gave it to us. But if I were not of this opinion and just used logic and common sense, Bibi has failed each and every test.

Does Bibi mean well and simply capitulate in every situation? If this were the case, we would simply need to “strengthen him” and give him a backbone.

We want this to be the case, because we need our leaders to be “from us”. We assign our leaders our own characteristics and motivations because it makes life easier for us, because if our leaders have their own agendas, the situation becomes much darker and even ominous.

But when we look at the overall pattern of Bibi’s actions, it becomes crystal clear that Bibi has never stood up for any po‎sition that will lead to strengthening long-term prospects for Jewish survival in the Land of Israel.

Do we not have the obligation to examine Bibi’s motives on a deeper level?

Do we not owe it to ourselves to consider clearly and without prejudice the fact that Bibi simply has a separate agenda from Am Yisrael’s agenda?

And, looking at this overwhelming body of evidence that Bibi is no friend of Am Yisrael, what are we willing to do about it?

Rob Muchnick is the US Representative of the new Israeli political party, Zehut, which will be running in the next election. Zehut, headed by former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin, believes that for Israel to thrive it must follow its Jewish identity, as opposed to the current path of following its Israeli identity.

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