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Q&A from Facebook Live Session with Moshe Feiglin

Whom do you see as your natural partners in a government coalition?

We are open to partnering with many parties – not only those that are called ‘rightist’. We will partner in a coalition with whomever will help us to promote our policies of identity, liberty and leadership of the State of Israel. We are not in anybody’s pocket. Zehut sees itself as a ruling party. We will demand serious government offices in exchange for joining the coalition. I can already say that we want the Education Ministry so that we can implement the voucher method in Israel’s schools. This is one of the most important issues. In addition, we do not feel any imperative to work from within the coalition. We can legislate and promote our agenda from the Opposition, as well.

Will you unite with Eli Yishai’s party?

Zehut is running alone. It has a very solid policy base on its own. It is not a good idea to answer hypothetical questions about political constellations. All the options are open and all the Jews are nice and kosher.

Do you see any possibility for a rightist party to win if the Likud is out of the equation?

First of all, that sounds utopian. The Likud wouldn’t exist? Can a rightist party win without the Likud? The reality today throughout the world – and it is also happening in Israel – invites major surprises. Let us not forget that before the previous elections, Yair Lapid was one mandate away from becoming Prime Minister. He hadn’t even been a Knesset Member at that point. He almost went straight from show business to premiership. Now the element of surprise is even stronger. We don’t know what will be the outcome of the investigations against Binyamin Netanyahu. We don’t know what will happen in the internal conflict in the Jewish Home party. We don’t know what other political uproars can rock the country. What is clear is that the Israeli public is searching for identity, it is searching for purpose, it is searching for direction, it is searching for content. The fact that in the Labor party primaries this week, the vulgar yet strong candidate, Erel Margalit, did not succeed is a sign that the Israeli public is on a high level. It knows how to identify falsehood. In my opinion, Lapid is beginning to lose height because more and more people understand that he is a meaningless balloon. There is also a major shift taking place in the ultra-Orthodox sector. All of this is an invitation for people to join Zehut. In all, I think that there is a great chance for a rightist party without the Likud. Every political party comes to an end.

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