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Why Did I Decide to Run in the Zehut Primaries?

So why did I decide to become a member of the Zehut party (headed by Moshe Feiglin) and run in the primaries for a place on the Knesset list?

I am a social worker for close to 30 years who is very familiar with the welfare system. I have set up a number of projects in my professional life, such as the Center for the Emotionally Injured and the Center for the Treatment of Alcohol and Gambling Victims in Karmiel. I have also been involved in management for many years.

In recent years, I have been doing academic research on the issue of domestic violence. Through accumulated knowledge, I have been exposed, among other things, to a biased discourse against men that affects their treatment in this area and directly affects the divorce process in Israel. Unfortunately, this situation hurts men and fathers and our society's attitude towards them - but over time, it hurts women and children even more.

In order to balance the situation somewhat, three years ago, my dear partner, Social Worker Danit Raz and I established the first and only association of professionals to help men who are being unjustly harmed in general and in high-conflict divorce proceedings in particular. Years of alienation and biased discourse against men continue to influence the freedom that both men and women feel with each other. I know that only a different, daily discourse on the Knesset podium will:

• Restore the sanity of gender discourse to its natural and healthy place

• Stop discrimination and alienation against men and end the war of the sexes

• Strengthen the family, which is the healthy place for positive development for us and our children

During my learning and development process, I was privileged to meet Moshe Feiglin, who established a new party named Zehut, and to learn that our views and beliefs are very similar. I decided to raise the gauntlet and join one of the most interesting parties that have been established in Israel in recent years. It is a party whose platform freedom of choice for citizens of the state is anchored in many areas of life, such as education, health, economics, religion and welfare. It is a party that seeks to reduce the government's involvement in the lives of the citizens and to transfer responsibility and freedom of decision to the individual and the community. It is a liberal party that seeks to allow people the freedom of personal choice on the one hand, but also expects us to connect with the identity and roots of the very interesting people called the Jewish Nation! With pride and joy!

I am so happy to be there and invite all of you to learn about the party and its unapologetic platform, so that we may be a free people in our country. Hoping that you register for Zehut, vote for me for the Knesset list and especially vote for Zehut on Election Day !! Zehut!!

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