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Community Structure for Zehut Council

Important Note: This information is pertinent to Israeli citizens only.

Dear Zehut Member,

Here it is! We are launching the Zehut Party Community Structure Program.

This is the structure that we will use to elect our party institutions and to determine the party’s internal procedures.

(Important: The party’s internal structure is not directly related to the primaries for the Zehut Knesset list).

The Community Structure will make it possible for every party member to connect and be part of building Zehut – easily, transparently and without leaving his home.

After our experience in the Likud, we felt that we could present a good and democratic model of a party that will be built with true partnership with all the members, on the one hand, while allowing for effective leadership, on the other.

We wanted a party that would apply our State of Liberty model. In this model, the regular citizen has circles of family and community that create a delicate balance between him and the government mechanism. This balance makes it possible for the leadership to make decisions and act, but prevents it from disassociation from the public that it represents.

According to the Community Structure system, every 10 members elect a representative to be their coordinator and to become the first layer of leadership in Zehut. Every 5 coordinators elect from within that group one representative, who will become a delegate.

Naturally, the coordinator and the delegate will retain personal contact with and accountability to their supporters, which will ensure that they remain loyal to the principles for which they were elected.

The body of 12 to 100 delegates will become the Zehut Party Council. This is the “Board of Directors” of Zehut. The Council will be responsible for the party’s administration, such as the appointment of a party court, election of an Elections Committee, changes in the party charter and more.

There will be constant connection between the Council, the Chairman of the Movement and the Party Headquarters. This will make it possible to transfer information and ideas from the head of the party, down through to the members and back – quickly and directly. It will create a living hierarchy that will constantly be refined and renewed.

Click here for a detailed explanation of how the Community Structure works.

At this point, it is not yet possible to elect a coordinator, but only to submit your candidacy to be a coordinator.

In about another two weeks, it will be possible to elect coordinators and delegates.

You will receive weekly emails explaining new options.

The important message for now: All those who wish to become a coordinator should use this time to register people to Zehut, who will then be able to vote for him/her!

If you have a great idea or agenda, this is the time for you to submit your candidacy and start bringing in your supporters!

Click here to submit your candidacy to be a Zehut coordinator.

When you click on the link, you will see a dialogue box in which you will be asked to enter your Israeli ID number. Please be sure to enter all nine numbers. When the system identifies you as a member of Zehut, it will send a code to the email address that you gave us when you registered. This should only take a few seconds. (If you don't see it, check your spam).

Enter the code in the new dialogue box that will have opened. This will open your personal page. (If there is a problem at this stage, write to kehila@zehut.org.il with your full name, email, Israel ID # and description of the problem).

At this point, the only option that will be open on your personal page will be to submit your candidacy for Zehut. In another two weeks, there will be an additional option: To be a local Zehut Coordinator.

When you click on the "Submit Candidacy" option, a new dialogue box will open. That is where you write a short description of yourself, what you do and what issues are important to you.

After you fill out this box, you can click on "Send Candidacy" and that is all! You are now on the list of Zehut's candidates!


At the top right of your personal page, there are a number of tabs. At this stage, the most important tab is the FAQ, where you can see many answers to questions about the Community Structure.

If you do not find an answer to your question, return to your personal page and on the top left you will find a button to click for questions or suggestions. Enter your question or suggestion in the dialogue box that will open and it will come directly to me. If your question does not appear on the FAQ page, I will put it up (with your name) on the page.

Dear Zehut member, we are at the very beginning stages of implementing this system. Despite all the trial runs, there may be glitches as we go along. Please be patient and help us to make improvements.

Let's get to work! Submit your candidacy and register your friends for Zehut, so that they will be able to vote for you in the elections for Coordinators and Delegates to the Zehut Council!

Click here for the membership registration page. The final date for membership registration for voting for coordinators is 15 Tamuz, July 9, ’17.

Wishing us all Much Success,

Nitzah Kahane

Community Structure Project Manager



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