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Moshe Feiglin: Trust Bill Proposal Major Step Against Judicial Crony Sytem

MK Amir Ohana has just proposed an eminently important bill - to make the position of legal advisor to the government ministers a position of trust. The opposition of the Left, led by the Civil Service Commissioner, highlights the two basic approaches contending against each other here in Israel.

The first approach says that the nation is sovereign and should conduct its national issues by means of its elected representatives. The second approach says that a self-appointed elite and its cronies knows what is best for the Israel and must safeguard the mindless nation from its corrupt elected representatives.

True, our elected officials are far from perfect and the public interest is not always at the top of their agendas. However, I can always replace the ministers on Election Day – but not their legal advisors (the long tentacles of the High Court).

If it is a choice between:

Sovereignty of the nation or sovereignty of unelected officials,

Sovereignty of the nation or sovereignty of the High Court,

Democracy or the rule of the Justice apparatus,

I will always choose the first option.

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