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  • Yoel Domb, Arutz Sheva

Feiglin: Netanyahu turned Trump into a more potent Obama

In wake of reports that President Trump has decided not to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem, the head of the Zehut (Identity) party, Moshe Feiglin, responded and stated that this was a foregone conclusion.

"As we have warned time and again in the past, Netanyahu is the one who prevented the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem and we see the results of this policy at present. The president of the US notes that Israel has no interest in a political change in direction and therefore he has no choice but to continue the policies of his predecessor. However just like with Sharon and the disengagement- Trump will go with this policy all the way.

"Thanks to Netanyahu and his right-wing government, we can now expect increasing American and international pressure to initiate a peace procedure which may have destructive results for Israel.

"Netanyahu welcomed Trump's appointment and effectively turned him into a more potent version of Obama and we will all pay the price for this."

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