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  • Benny Toker, Israel National News

'Netanyahu's supporters are like a bunch of battered women'

Zehut chairman and former Likud MK Moshe Feiglin slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday, ripping Netanyahu over his government’s decision to accept limitations on Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Feiglin argued that the apparent understanding between President Trump and Netanyahu regarding Israeli building policy in Judea and Samaria was hardly surprising.

“I wrote about and warned that the embassy won’t be moved to Jerusalem; that [Israeli] sovereignty won’t be applied to Maaleh Adumim; that the building freeze in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria will continue – and I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon hear about a new disengagement,” Feiglin told Arutz Sheva, referring to the 2005 evacuation of 25 Jewish towns in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria.

Turning to the Prime Minister’s control of the Communications Ministry and efforts to prevent the establishment of an independent Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation, Feiglin suggested Netanyahu would employ this influence on behalf of a new mass eviction of Jews from parts of Judea and Samaria.

“The power over the media that we are placing in the hands of Netanyahu will be used to serve the next disengagement even more than the media was used to serve Sharon [during the 2005 disengagement]. Netanyahu doesn’t work for us [the people], he works for himself, the same way Sharon looked out for Sharon, and Olmert was only concerned about Olmert.

“When we act like a bunch of battered women, putting power [over the media] in the hands of those who in the past destroyed [Jewish towns] and froze [construction in Judea and Samaria] and just recently demolished Amona and Ofra, and are looking forward to continuing the demolitions – all this to escape from the investigations against [the Prime Minister] and to legitimize Trump in the US – we shouldn’t be surprised when terrible things occur as a resul

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