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Zehut Members Meeting

Sunday, 6 Nissan/April 2

8 pm

Zehut Headquarters

22 Isserles Street, Tel Aviv


1. Presentation of working plan for coming half year

2. L'chaim in honor of Pesach

Shalom to the members of Zehut! Following the decision of the Zehut members on the method of primaries and party regulations, the party's executive committee met last week to determine the timetable for the continuation of the political process for the election of the party's institutions and to set a date for the first stage of the primaries. As per the party regulations, the party's institutions will be chosen by the council, which will be composed of party delegates to be elected by the "community structure" method. At the upcoming members conference - to be held on Sunday, 6 Nissan/ April 2, at 19:00 at the party headquarters, board member Dr. Nitza Kahana will present the community structure method.

The following is the schedule for the launching of the "Community Structure" program - and the selection of the institutions of the Identity Party: - 6 Nissan, 2.4: Monthly members meeting and toast in honor of the Festival of Freedom. - 20 Nissan, 20.4: Launching the site / interface of the Community Structure and opening the possibility of electing and being elected as coordinators and delegates. - 26 Nissan, 20.6: First festive assembly of the council - the delegates elected according to the community structure will serve as members of the party council. - 24 Tammuz, 18.7: Election of institutions: Election Committee and Court (a detailed explanation of the area of responsibility of these institutions can be seen in the party's regulations).

Election Day - Primaries (stage 1) 21 Elul, 12.9: Stage 1 of Zehut primaries: Voting at the polls according to the scoring system and the selection of the 15 candidates who will move on to the second stage (open primaries). It is important to note that the political timetable depends on the date of the general elections.

Should general elections be declared before the end of the political process as described above, the Executive Board will meet and make the necessary adjustments in order to bring the party to optimal readiness for the general elections.

Detailed Schedule for Elections for Zehut Party List for the 21st Knesset

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