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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Zehut Press Release Following Trump/Netanyahu Press Conference

Chairman of Zehut, Moshe Feiglin:

The US President has brought about strategic change: Return from the Two-State-Solution to the One-State-Solution. The Zehut party is pleased with this change of view. We have maintained throughout that the One-State-Solution is completely applicable and that it will bring peace and quiet to our region.

The principles detailed by the Zehut party in its platform refer to full and exclusive control of the IDF and Israel Police over all territories held by Israel, application of full sovereignty over all Israeli territory and the granting of three options to the approximately 300,000 non-Jewish families living in Judea and Samaria:

  • Declaration of loyalty to the State of Israel and receipt of permanent residency status

  • Extensive aid for those who wish to emigrate – about 65% of the population

  • A supervised and cautious citizenship track for those interested in pledging their allegiance to Israel and induction into the IDF, similar to other minorities who have formed a long-lasting alliance with Israel.

There is a way for Israel to live with its regional neighbors without surrendering tracts of its ancestral homeland and without compromising the security of the State of Israel. Those who wish to live with Israel in peace are invited to remain in our Land, as per our conditions.

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