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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Baffled on the Right

"They tricked you", I said to the rightist journalists sitting opposite me.

Why do you say they tricked us?

The politicians that you elected destroyed an entire Jewish town and told you that it's someone else's fault.

And what would you do? Ignore the decision of the High Court?

Heaven forfend! We must safeguard the honor of the judges! I would immediately begin to destroy all the houses for which court destruction orders have already been issued (for illegal Arab building). In the Negev, in the Gallil, in the Triangle…according to the dates that those orders were served. After all, we must put an end to all this anarchy.

Are you sure that those court orders exist?

Sure. Listen, my friends, the rightist government destroyed Amona. All the ministers and parties in the government are responsible for the destruction. Moreover, those people who voted for those parties also carry some level of responsibility. After Begin, who destroyed Yamit with the National Religious Party; after Sharon, who destroyed Gush Katif with the National Religious Party; and after Netanyahu, who destroyed Amona with the National Religious Party (now known as the Jewish Home party) – nobody can say, "I am not responsible. I didn't know."

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