• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Beware of Netanyahu-Trump Meeting

After he prevented the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem and manipulated the Trump administration back to Obama's positions – Netanyahu has set out today to meet the new president. He will complete the strategic catastrophe that he has cooked up – by means of a Peace Conference, sponsored by Trump and possibly Putin, as well.

In Gush Katif we learned how much damage a Likud leader under the threat of police investigations – together with the National Religious Party (today the Jewish Home) in the role of the battered wife who despite everything remains in the Coalition - can wreak.

A famous election jingle from a number of years ago claimed that, "Only the Likud can do it". Only the Likud can fulfill the dreams of the most radical Left. With Putin on our northern border, the Golan Heights are also in great danger. After all, in the past Netanyahu had already agreed to surrender the Golan Heights all the way down to the Kinneret.

Netanyahu has pushed Israel's strategic situation into the depths of an abyss that we have never known. Tel Aviv has become a legitimate target for missile attacks and countless speeches instead of action have ensured that our children will have to live under an Iranian nuclear threat.

Netanyahu is dangerous for Israel. He has to go.

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