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  • Shmuel Sackett, International Director of Zehut

Huckabee and His Support of Missionaries in Israel

I do not own a television but I work out in a gym which does have a TV. As soon as I enter the gym, before getting ready to hit the weights, I switch the channel (usually at MTV) to Channel 200, which – here in Israel – is Fox News. Over the years I have watched, and have become very impressed with Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson, Eric Bolling, Judge Jeanine Pirro and others. All of these people host wonderful and informative shows and I generally enjoy their commentary. I also enjoy the guests they have on their shows, especially my #1 favorite Fox guest and contributor, (former) Governor Mike Huckabee.

Governor Huckabee says it like it is. He speaks clearly, professionally and always to the point. His stance on Israel is strong and unapologetic. He is against the Two-State Solution, is very pro-settlements and is a sincere and devoted advocate for a strong and proud Jewish State. In short, he is a rare gem in the media.

Last week, Governor Huckabee visited Israel. He spoke in the Knesset, met with settlement leaders and visited Hebron. He had 98% of the right wing camp eating out of the palm of his hands and he took selfies with anyone who asked. His warm smile, with that big dimple, was splashed across countless Facebook pages.

Because of his close connection and special relationship with President-elect Trump, people were overjoyed that wonderful days are ahead for Israel. Even though I enjoy his commentaries on Fox – as I wrote above – I stayed away from all those meetings in Israel, because there is a major difference between Mike Huckabee commenting on Fox and Mike Huckabee visiting Israel and being cheered at every speech. The reason is simple; Governor Mike Huckabee endorses proselytizing Jews in Israel to bring them to Jesus. Yes, you read that right. He endorses missionary activities aimed at Jews in Israel.

Before you look for a hammer with which to hit me on the head, please allow me to prove my point. I would never write these words if they weren’t 100% true… and unfortunately they are.

There is a terrible organization called “One for Israel” which defines itself as “a ministry that teaches Israelis that Yeshua is the Messiah” (chas v’shalom). They educate and raise leaders to preach this anti-Jewish doctrine all over Israel and they pour millions of dollars into their goal of ripping Jews away from Hashem and His holy Torah. According to their website, they “provide humanitarian aid to Holocaust survivors with the love of Yeshua.” Their promotional video ends with a plea; “Join us as we share the gospel in Israel. Become One for Israel.”

What does this have to do with Mike Huckabee? Simple. Mike Huckabee fully endorses this evil group. Please read this exact quote from Huckabee, which can be seen on the One for Israel Missionary video; “I’ve hope you’ve heard of the wonderful things that God is doing with Jews and Arabs in Israel. Well, I’ve heard about it and I have become One for Israel. I hope you will do the same.”

This video can be seen on the website:, which works day and night at uncovering and battling missionary activity in Israel and on social media. They do a terrific job.

When I saw this video a few months ago, I sent it to people who are close to Governor Huckabee. I asked them to please clarify his position on it but I never received a response. I then sent it to people who were scheduled to meet with Huckabee in Israel and, once again, did not receive a response. Finally, I sent it to several Jewish media outlets and nobody printed it or even mentioned it! All I wanted to hear was someone ask him – in a public setting – whether he still endorses the missionary group “One for Israel”, yet nobody had the guts to do it.

I have stated many times, and did so in this article, that I enjoy Mike Huckabee’s comments on Fox, and other places as well. However, I am able to differentiate between someone commenting from a TV studio in New York vs. coming to my home in Hebron and Jerusalem. Let me make my position perfectly clear: If Mike Huckabee still believes in what he said on the “One for Israel” video then – NO!! – he is NOT welcomed in Israel, no matter how eloquently he speaks about Israel and the settlements. If Mike Huckabee helps an organization that proselytizes Jews in Israel (or anywhere, for that matter) then I don’t want him speaking at my fundraising dinners or praying at my holy Wall!

I think the reason that people avoid this topic is because there is such little support for Israel in the media that when – FINALLY! – someone of Huckabee’s stature stands up and defends Israel, we simply overlook everything else and jump for joy. I too jumped for joy and was ecstatic when I heard his words. The last time he came to Israel, I DID attend one of his meetings in the Knesset, and even had lunch with him afterwards. I smiled the whole time since I felt that we found our advocate and weapon in the media war. And then shortly afterwards, my friends at told me to look at the video. I was shocked. I was horrified. The difference between me and those connected to Huckabee was that I kept my eyes open while theirs were sealed shut.

Please note that Mike Huckabee’s personal religious beliefs do not bother me in any way. He has the freedom to choose his religion and I respect his choice. It’s when his beliefs cross the line and enters my zone that my boxing gloves go on. He can pray to whomever he chooses but how DARE he – or anyone else – reach out to my brothers and sisters in an attempt to steal them away from Hashem?? How DARE he – and the organization he endorses – “provide humanitarian aid to Holocaust survivors with the love of Yeshua” (sic)!! Everyone knows that many of these Holocaust survivors are weak and broken and are perfect candidates to accept the false prophet into their lives. Is this what Mike Huckabee wants… that after all a Holocaust survivor went through and survived… that in his/her final years they throw away their connection to Hashem and the Jewish people??

This is why I did not attend any of the Huckabee festivities in Israel last week and I will NEVER go to any event that his him as a guest until I clarify this point. Until I hear – in a public setting – that Governor Mike Huckabee opposes proselytizing Jews and that he renounces his endorsement for“One for Israel” and for all gospel activity aimed at Jews, I will never again be seen at a Huckabee event. I urge anyone who can reach him to please set the record straight.

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