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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

America's Fate to be Determined on Tuesday

At first, I tried to go into denial mode: What do I care? The US elections are in America, not here. Furthermore, despite his positive approach to Israel, Trump is not exactly my cup of tea. So I thought I would sit out the American elections.

But as the election campaigns progressed, I became mesmerized.

Something much larger than the two candidates is taking place in the US. Something that will direct (or even determine) the fate of Western civilization. Everyone is trying to figure out how it is that in the entire United States of America, two more worthy candidates could not be found. Instead of the cute, traditional elephant and donkey, we got a warthog and a poisonous snake. You can take your pick…

The truth, though, is that the two candidates precisely represent the polarization that has taken grasp of American society. In Western Europe, there is no longer any question (and in my opinion, the same is true of England – despite the Brexit). For all practical purposes, Western Europe is fading away. But America is still alive and kicking, refusing to easily surrender to the accelerated process of disintegration. In the US, the conflict is still raging: globalization vs. nationalism, centralization vs. liberty, establishment vs. a citizen-based society, identity vs. lack thereof.

My guess (it’s just a guess) is that Trump will win, but that he will not be allowed to actualize his triumph.

One way or another, this lowly saga will not be ending this week: We’ve only just begun.

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