• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Israeli Sovereignty on Temple Mount Prerequisite for Peace

The amazing Rena and Amihai Ariel, whose daughter Hallel was murdered in her bed almost two weeks ago, deeply understand the direct connection between the loss of Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount and the loss of Israeli sovereignty throughout Israel. Or in other words, between the abandonment of the Temple Mount and the abandonment of Israel’s security.

That is why they ascended the Temple Mount yesterday, after the seven day mourning period for their daughter had been completed. I felt that I had to attempt to join this wonderful family on the Temple Mount. In our illustrious democracy, it is specifically the elected officials, the representatives of the sovereign – to whom the entire country is supposed to be open according to Israeli law – who are prohibited from visiting the Temple Mount. I hoped that in the face of the tragic circumstances and because I am not currently a Knesset Member, I would be allowed to enter the Temple Mount.

I woke up early, immersed in a mikveh as per Jewish law requirements and joined the Ariel family. In almost no time, it became painfully clear who the real sovereign on the Temple Mount is – and my visit was nixed.

We will yet restore Israeli sovereignty to our holy Mount. And in its footsteps, we will restore Israel’s security. Only then will true peace reign in our Land.

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