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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Israeli Apology to Turkey Nothing New

There is nothing new about Israel apologizing to Turkey. Israel, bereft of vision and destiny is in a permanent posture of apologizing for its very existence. The average Israeli today feels like an unwanted guest in a foreign land – and apologizes all the time for every extra minute of ‘occupation’. Soon the world will demand that we compensate Germany for the damages caused to its army in the Warsaw Ghetto…

Below is a short film clip that we did with famous Israeli journalist Avri Gilad. It explains the dynamics of feeling like a guest in your own land.

This is the transcript:

AG: I am afraid of Moslem fury, Moshe.

MF: You are not afraid of Moslem fury.

AG: I am afraid of them. They frighten me.

MF: You are afraid because you feel that you are a guest here. That is what is scaring you. The average Israeli today, twenty years after Oslo, has grown up with the mentality of a guest here.

He has an apologist mentality. You are nodding your head because you understand what I am saying.

AG: Clearly.

MF: The average Israeli is happy to gain a few more years in which the homeowner will let him live quietly and will not knock on his door.

The homeowner is the Arab.

And then comes a hilltop youth and writes a graffiti on an Arab mosque.

And the Israeli in Tel Aviv says, "Wow, now I'm going to have a world war on my hands because he reminded the homeowner that I am here". And that is the reason for the public outcry over the stupid and ridiculous graffiti. The problem is not the hilltop youth; the problem is the average Israeli.

The generation of hilltop youth that you are talking about - I see them connecting to their peers in Tel Aviv. The mandates in the elections that went back and forth from Bennett to Lapid had no regard for Left or Right. These were voters who were simply searching for meaning. They were searching for identity, for a new agenda. That is what connects the hilltop "crazies", in your words, and the decadents in the nightclubs in Tel Aviv.

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