• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Liberty and Identity

The values expressed by the European Union are the blurring of national identity and the neutering of democracy -which is dependent upon identity - from any real significance. In the European Union, democracy is exchanged for a type of ‘politburo’ of mid-level bureaucrats never elected by the citizens of Europe to run their state for them. The blurring of identity and the compromising of democracy will necessarily lead to the erosion of liberty.

These are really two sides of the same coin: Without identity, there is no liberty and without liberty, identity is lost.

Ultimately, the inevitable result of the loss of liberty and identity will always be additional state interference in the lives of its citizens, economic downfall and greater loss of human rights.

The results of the vote in Britian express a backlash against the above process. They are good news for all those who aspire to liberty around the world. In the US, Donald Trump is riding the wave of similar disgust with the bureaucracy there and the loss of national identity in exchange for multiculturalism. It is the backlash of citizens who have tasted liberty in the past and whom, for the past three decades, have seen it erode amidst a murky wave of attack against all identity: national, territorial, family, sexual and most recently human.

I have no doubt that Britain will gain from the fact that it has restored its liberty and that the threats of the parasitic elements in Europe and outside it will turn out to be hollow.

Will Israeli society know how to preserve its identity and liberty? Or will it continue to cave in to the multi-pronged attack against all the foundations upon which it was built? Israel has the tool with which to preserve its identity and liberty: The Zehut movement.

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