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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Why Can't the Left Stand Netanyahu?

Everyone is talking about the two-state solution, brought to us directly from the ideological study hall of the Left. So is Netanyahu. And Netanyahu is not only talking about it – he is literally begging Herzog to join his government, so that he can rid himself of Bennett and do exactly what the Left wants.

He even enlisted the Egyptian president to give it another small push to make it happen. And to convince the still skeptical Left, he sent his right hand man, Natan Eshel, to detail his plans in the most explicit and detailed manner in the radical leftist Ha’aretz newspaper.

But they prefer to attack Herzog, who almost made their dream come true, so that they can continue to hate Netanyahu. They organize their own parliament in Herzliya - the type of parliament that doesn’t require non-essentials like a nation or democratic elections – a parliament that gets much more attention from the media than the elected parliament in Jerusalem.

And they feature two ex-Chiefs of Staff and an ex-Defense Minister in their parliament. And of course, all the headlines, all the news shows and all the spotlights are directed at these two wannabe leaders, both of whom have inflicted immeasurable strategic damage on Israel. “Finally”, they gloat, “a true opposition to Netanyahu has risen”.

Why do they hate Netanyahu so much – even though he is doing everything to make their dream come true? Why, instead of supporting him and enabling him to realize their dream, do they prefer to hate him?

The answer is because Netanyahu managed to steal the Right before they could. And without the Right, it is impossible to win the elections. They try to masquerade, just like Netanyahu. They put together groups of generals for security. Security is the catch phrase. It sounds rightist. They also put together all kinds of organizations, with lots of money from the New Israel Fund – in the guise of a moderate Right – a responsible, security-oriented Right. But the masks are too clumsy and the people are not really that stupid.

Only Netanyahu really knows how to steal the Right, not to say anything (the Likud doesn’t even have a platform) and to win the elections. So how can they not hate him?

The following is a comment on Moshe Feigin’s above Facebook post by Gali Bat Horin.

You don’t have to agree with Feiglin. But it is impossible not to understand that you are dealing with a man with rare intelligence, as opposed to the majority of our crybaby elected officials.

Feiglin makes claims and wonder of wonders – actually explains them. Not only that – he also brings proofs. And not only proofs, but specifically relevant proofs that have an intrinsic connection to the claim. Amazing, huh?

But that is not all, even though all the above is like a miracle in the public discourse.

In a short article, logical and devoid of any slanderous rhetoric, in dignified, statesmanlike, clean language, Feiglin branded his competitor from the Right as a leftist in disguise and his competitors from the Left as wannabe rightists. By doing so, he left himself as the only natural candidate for rightist voters. That is real election rhetoric!

I admit that all the years that I have heard slander about Feiglin have created baseless antagonism in my heart toward him. In fact, it is still difficult for me to overcome it.

But it is impossible not to tip our hats to a brilliant mind. This is the man who you would want to be negotiating in your name. On the other hand, this is the last person that I would want as an opponent.

Bravo, Feiglin! I hope that he gets into the Knesset to raise the infantile level of the public discourse.

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