• Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

Confusing the Nazis and their Victims

The significance of the remarks that Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan made at the Holocaust Day Ceremony is very clear. There is no other way to understand them:

“The soldier who shot the terrorist in Hebron and those who support him are our Nazis.”

I am appalled by the fact that the cloned senior IDF officers see no problem with his words. They don’t even begin to consider that perhaps it is their tool box that is damaged and lacking.

Maybe there is a different lesson that the IDF should be learning from the Whermacht?

Maybe the lesson is that the IDF officers do not have to so blithely adopt that tool box of values that the army expects them to demonstrate?

“No little Nazi is hiding among us,” I explained the evening before Holocaust Day to a group of Jerusalem young people. “The Nazis represented the epitome of evil. Thus, a Jewish baby was their enemy. We, the Jews, are at the opposite end of the scale: We represent the epitome of good. “

Little did I know that in just a short while the deputy commander of the army of the Jews would mix together the good and the evil, the Nazis and their victims, and would uproot the entire significance of the Holocaust and its remembrance.

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