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Zehut's Platform and Vision for the State of Israel

Click here for Platform synopsis pdf

Please note: This platform is a work in progress.

If there is any discrepancy between the Hebrew

and English versions of the platform,

it is the Hebrew version that takes precedence.

Opening Letter




Part One: Guidelines

Why a Platform?


Policy Guidelines

Part Two: The Structure of the Government and its Reduction

Reduction of Government Ministries

Opposition to Excessive Legislation

The Community Model

The Judicial System

Part Three: The Social Program


Appendix: The Voucher System


National Insurance and the Welfare System

Traffic Accidents

Public Health


Part Four: Judaism, Culture and State

Introduction and Guidelines

The State of Israel and its Institutions

The Obligation of State Institutions to Jewish Law

Israel Defense Forces

State Conversion and the Law of Return

Jewish Civil Law

Identity and Independence in Culture

Chief Rabbinate of Israel

Financing Yeshivas and the Humanities


Part Five: Economy


Cost of Living


Industry and Trade



Land Reform

Settlement and Strategic Development in Judea and Samaria

Part Six: Liberty and Security

Civil Liberties and Internal Security

National Security

IDF Recruitment Model

Iranian Threat

US Military "Aid" and its Price

Appendix: The Purchase of the F35

Appendix: Israel's Security Since Oslo Part 1

Appendix: Israel's Security Since Oslo Part 2

Part Seven: The One State Solution: Zehut's Peace Plan

The Goal of the Oslo Accords and its Offshoots


Human Rights and Civil Rights

Stages of the Diplomatic Plan


US Aid

European Boycott

International Court

Emigration Destinations

Foreign Policy

Jerusalem: Goals and Policy

The Temple Mount

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