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Part One – Objectives

Zehut is an Israeli-Jewish party that advocates liberty and aspires to reform society and the world out of loyalty to the God of Israel. The party will act to lead the State of Israel as a Jewish state and strive to achieve the following goals:

  • A Jewish State – A state that matures from Zionism of existence to Zionism of destiny; from survival mentality to the mentality and challenge of perfection of the world.

  • A Liberty State – A state that restores responsibility to the citizen and reduces its involvement in private lives to a minimum. The areas of state involvement will be limited to the extent possible to the legal systems, security and national infrastructures.

  • A State of Family and Community – A state that fortifies family values and encourages community. These are the foundation stones of society.

  • A State of Abundance – A state that maintains an open economy within the restraining framework of the Jewish culture of kindness and mutual responsibility.

  • A Sovereign State – A state that actualizes and fortifies its sovereignty in all parts of the Land of Israel under its control: first and foremost, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. A state that develops Jerusalem as a diplomatic and spiritual center for the Nation of Israel and for all humanity.

  • A State of Peace – A state that strives to end warfare and bloodshed by defeating its enemies. A state that works for the good of humanity and the world.


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