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Zehut has done what no other party in Israel has ever done before:

Cast your vote in the primaries for the Zehut party in Israel,
from anywhere in the world!

So, instead of sitting on the sidelines, you become a constituent of an Israeli lawmaker (member of Knesset).


  • Your membership helps ZEHUT get one step closer to the leadership needed for a strong, proud JEWISH State.

  • You can vote in our primaries

  • Communicate with other members in member-only WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

  • Join private conference calls with leaders of Zehut in Israel.

  • Get "Behind the scenes" and member-only "Breaking news."

 Membership is $10/month for a single person. Enroll your family (spouse and children 18+ in your house) for just $18/month.

Membership is open to all who support our goals.
Voting rights are reserved for members of the Jewish Nation.

To join, click the button below:

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