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The opinions expressed on this blog are presented solely by the author and do not necessarily reflect the Zehut platform.

The David Sidman Blog

Name: David Sidman

Age: 38

Place of residence: Efrat, Judea

Current profession: Marketing writer, Dog Trainer.


My Platform


If I win the Zehut International spot, here’s how I will fight to make the nation of Israel better.

Defense & Security:

As a Knesset member, I will work to restore the IDF’s deterrence. Some of my strategies include:

●     Rewriting the Army code of ethics (Ruach Tzahal) to one that is based on Torah laws of war.

●     Shutting down the IDF spokesperson’s unit who unfortunately serves as a PR machine to promote a co-ed and gay friendly military to the public.

●     Giving soldiers and police full backing to shut down popular Arab uprisings that seek to undermine the Jewish state using whatever means necessary

●     Detaching any IDF connection with any EU backed NGOs (such as Btselem) or the New Israel Fund

●     Shutting down the Jewish department of the Shabak which serves Israel no purpose whatsoever

●     Abolishing Israel’s gun control laws which prevent lawful citizens from obtaining firearms and defending themselves against terrorist attacks

●     Every military operation will have a stated objective that either involves conquering land or subduing the enemy

●     Expanding Israel’s borders to the Jordan river, reconquering Gaza and asserting full control over Judea/Samaria, Gaza, Southern Lebanon and Southern Syria.

●     No more warnings before bombing the enemy

●     No more cease fires under fire

●     Soldiers will receive promotions for killing terrorists, not arrested (sic. Elor azariya)

●     Offering all non-Jewish residents an ultimatum: Accept Israel as a Jewish state or leave


As a Knesset member, I will work to make Israel a capitalist, free-market economy. That includes:

●     Privatizing National Insurance while making it non-obligatory saving Israeli taxpayers thousands of shekels every month

●     Abolishing all import tariffs to help increase competition in the local market

●     Abolishing sales tax in an effort to increase consumer confidence

●     Easing regulations for foreign investment to provide more jobs for Israelis

●     Eliminating public funding for arts, culture, public broadcasting and any other non-essential government service or funding

●     Gutting military spending enabling it to focus on winning wars

Religion & State

Israel is a Jewish state. As such the following are my plans to ensure it remains that way.

●     Build the third Temple

●     Halachic Jews only should be eligible for full citizenship

●     The court system must always consider Torah-based interpretations of the law

●     The military rules must also have a Torah-based approach to fighting battles

●     The incorporation of religion and state will be at the discretion of private institutions



In accordance with the party platform, as a Knesset member I will work to implement ‘school choice’ empowering parents to determine the curriculum while decentralizing education.


About Me

●     IDF veteran (special forces)

●     Activist and student of the late great Rabbi Meir Kahane

●     Married with two kids

●     Loves the Jewish people and is ready to fight for them

Personal Goals and Policies


I made Aliyah from Boston and served as a lone soldier in Oketz, the IDF’s crack K-9 unit. I made that sacrifice for the state because I am passionate about Israel’s success. With your help, hope to be a part of building it’s future. Btw, I currently reside in Efrat with my wife and kids.

If I do have the opportunity to become a Knesset member, I plan on fighting to advance three important principles:

  1. Expelling Israel’s Arab inhabitants. From the river to the sea, every Arab will receive an ultimatum: leave and be compensated, stay and pledge loyalty to Israel as a Jewish state or be forcefully evicted. This is the most effective way to end the Arab-Israeli conflict. It will improve Israel’s economy and more importantly-save Jewish lives.

  2. Build the 3rd Temple. Even if never used for ritual sacrifice, the erection of the 3rd Temple is a central monument to the reestablishment of the Jewish empire and represents our Jewish destiny as a collective. Before we do that however, sovereignty on the Temple Mount itself must be enforced by Israel.

  3. Make Israel’s economy capitalist and free market. Israel needs to undergo a major economic overhaul which involves cutting taxes as well as any non-essential government positions. The government’s power needs to be limited to prevent large corporations from quashing the growth of small businesses through lobbyists intent on eliminating competition. This involves massive deregulation as well The end goal is seeing Israel’s public budget making do with a corporate flat tax alone.

I’m honored to be a part of this historic vote. Please feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions or feedback you may have.






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IDF Soldiers are not Political Capital: By David Sidman


28 Kislev, 5778/Dec. 16, '17

Imagine if the French military court announced that they would release Alfred Dreyfus to freedom on Pesach-since it’s the holiday of freedom. Pretty condescending right?

Today, Israel National News ran a story today who’s headline read ‘Rivlin to pardon convicted soldier on Independence Day’. As someone who served/s in the IDF, this story troubles me deeply.

Here’s the thing-if Corporal Azariya deserves to be free, why are we waiting for Independence Day? What is the significance of that holiday that compels the Israeli president to delay justice? After all, is he an Israeli soldier or just some PR pawn for Israel’s president to gain political capital?

Unfortunately, given Mr. Rivlin’s track record, the latter appears to be the case. When President Ruby decided not to pardon him, he took a lot of flack from the Israeli public. The reason so many Israelis felt so stabbed in the back is because Rivlin used to be a Likudnik. He wasn’t some left wing politician who kowtows to his puppet masters in Brussels. He was one of us. How did he get so contaminated to the point of abandoning Israel’s finest to a cell?... After all-what did Azariya do that was so bad...kill a terrorist!?

The fact that he never should have been convicted in the first place is a different story for a different time.

But what’s really disturbing about the whole saga is the fact that this kind of power lies in the hands of a dignitary who wasn’t even elected. To postpone this poor kid’s freedom as a sort of compromise between getting a pat on the back from Israel’s left-wing deep state and pleasing an angry Israeli public is nothing short of a travesty. What’s next-Waiting for Memorial day to bury dead soldiers?  Perhaps sanity can only return when parties like Zehut enter the Israeli Knesset. Until then, Independence day never felt so dependent. 


If a Drone Can Shut Down Air Travel, Just Imagine What a Palestinian State Can Do By David Sidman

26 Kislev, 5778/Dec. 14, '17

Back in 2015, anti-Israel NGO ‘Breaking the Silence’ flew to Brussels to bash the IDF’s “occupation” in a concerted effort to bring about a two-state decision. The two-state proposal involves Israel and an exclusively Arab state in the region that was occupied by Jordan between 1948 and 1967.

A PA state can change that

Unfortunately, no one gave them the memo that if their dream comes true, and a ‘palestinian’ state is created in that region, they will never be able to fly to Brussels again. In fact, they will never be able to fly anywhere for that matter. That’s because most Israeli leftists don’t realize that the hills of Samaria overlook Ben Gurion airport, Israel’s only means of civilian air travel.

Just consider that the Jewish communities like Bet Aryeh and Nili are mere kilometers away from Ben Gurion airport with a key elevated vantage point to its runways. If those communities turn into Arab controlled areas, and they decide to shoot one home-made rocket every three hours, it can easily shut down all international flights...permanently. And if the current situation in Gaza is any indication, that’s precisely what will happen.


At this point you may be wondering-what about the Iron Dome? All Israel has to do is set up Iron Dome around the airport and travel will resume as usual. Let’s put it this way-Iron Dome currently protects Sderot. But even so, every time the missile alarm goes off, everyone still has to drop everything and run to bomb shelters. Their entire life is disrupted each time a Hamas mortar-man decides to press a button.

Believe it or not, the airport is far more sensitive than Sderot. How do I know? Why just yesterday (12/13) someone’s drone shut down all of Ben Gurion airport. That’s right, some random civilian with a remote control drone likely accidentally flew it into the airspace of Israel’s only international civilian airport.

But drones aren’t rockets

True, rockets are much worse. How do I know you ask? Just consider Israel’s last major Gaza invasion back in 2014.A rocket that reached Yehud, a city that is close to the airport shut down all air travel for 36 hours! Now just imagine what will happen when that same rocket lands in Ben Gurion’s actual property…


So there you have it. While many Israeli leftists hail the two state proposal as a means of easing travel restrictions over hostile countries, you may want to remind them that their newfound freedom will never even get off the ground...literally.


Why the UK Needs Chanukah Now More Than Ever By David Sidman

25 Kislev, 5778/Dec. 13, '17

London At an official candle lighting ceremony on Tuesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May said ““Hanukkah recalls a time, over two millennia ago, when the Jewish people successfully resisted a vile attempt to wipe out their religion and culture. It marks the triumph of freedom over hatred. And it calls on us all – whatever our religion or background – to defend the values and way of life that we share.”

Not exactly

If you read closely, what Ms May is in essence saying is that a Greek Hellenists who wants to secularize every Jew, should be encouraged to do so in the spirit of Chanukah. After all-Greek Hellenists fall into the category of ‘religion or background’ too.

This is obviously false and her statements should be ignored-or even better lambasted. Just think about it-wouldn’t it be nice if someone would educate her. Wouldn’t it be a Kiddush Hashem if Britain’s chief rabbi wrote a letter to Ms. May explaining that Channukah isn’t about every false religion defending their values. It’s about one religion defending their values-the Jewish one. And how now more than ever, British Jews must defend their values against rampant anti semitism that has invaded the UK with the same vigor as the Maccabees.

A few Stats

The sad truth is that there is no country that needs this message more than the UK does. Just consider the following-A record high 767 anti-semitic incidents were reported between January and June in the UK this year alone. This is a rise of almost a third on the same period in 2016 and the highest since the Community Security Trust (CST)’s records began in 1984.

If a rebuke of the misrepresentation of our religion isn’t coming from the Prime Minister, the chief rabbi of England or even the Israeli government, who will it come from?

An opportunity to step up

Zehut should treat this vacuum as a historic opportunity to not only reach out to the Israeli public but to Jewish youth world wide. After all, who gives students on campus in the diaspora the tools to properly fight anti semitism? I’m not talking about just waving Israeli flags while proclaiming that Israel is a hi-tech superpower (as if that’s any sort of counter-argument to their false claims of ‘occupation). I’m talking about the tools to fight.That’s because sad truth is that Jewish students throughout the west are being raised and sent off to universities with no understanding of their own Torah-based claim to the land of Israel and no idea of how to fend off physical assaults from those who deny that very claim.

My plan

If I become a Knesset member (with your help), one of my plans is to establish Zehut branches in every major university in the west that hosts a victimized Jewish population. The mission will be to equip motivated but ignorant Jewish youth with a Torah-based (and historical) understanding of their claim to the land of Israel as well as self defense techniques desperately needed for handling a hostile student body.

This Chanukkah, we need to remember that we Jews are more than just academics. We’re also warriors. It’s high time we start acting like it.



Who’s Really Offended by Tzipi Hotovely? By David Sidman

26 Cheshvan, 5778/Nov. 16, '17

Tzipi Hotovely stated to i24 news last week that American Jews lead “convenient” lives and “don’t send their kids to the military”. Of course, the extreme left wing elements in the foreign ministry in coordination with the equally left wing media scorched her in the press all but blaming the rift between US Jews and Israel squarely on the shoulders of her passing statement. This even compelled PM Netanyahu to threaten her with termination from her post as deputy foreign minister.


The truth of the matter is that Tzipi Hotovely is an extremely sharp, well spoken female politician who is arguably the most right wing member of the Likud. And this scares the bejeebers out of the left-wing deep state in Israel. Everyone who saw the interview knew that her comments were directed at left wing American Jews who believe that they know what’s best for Israel’s security without even walking an inch in our shoes. And just to put it all into context, she was indeed referring to left wing Jews exclusively.


And she’s 100% right. Don’t believe me?Just ask yourself this-Do you know any left wing Jews? Now ask yourself if you would rate their lives as ‘convenient’? Although one could say it’s a gross generalization, the answer is probably ‘yes’ (isn’t it...c’mon, be honest!). That’s because the ideology of many left wing Jews comes from a place of guilt. They don’t believe they deserve the riches that were poured down upon them from G-d. So they will reflexively side with the perceived underdog in almost any conflict-especially between perceived colonists and natives (the fact that Jews are native to Israel is a different story). But that’s also why the same American Jews who rooted for Israel to defeat the Arab armies in 1967 are now rooting against the very same Israelis they cheered for 50 years ago and in favor of the same enemy.


The message to Mrs.Hotovely is loud and clear: Tread lightly or we will put pressure on your boss to fire you. This begs the question: Has the left-wing deep state in Israel managed to silence a strong, intelligent woman with a sinister campaigns or will Ms. Hotovely continue with her politically incorrect wit and intellect? 


Unfortunately, the speed with which she was forced by Netanyahu to apologize or face termination, leads me to believe that the former is the case. Ironically, Netanyahu drafted Hotoveli into the Likud because of her fast-thinking intelligence and ability to silence entire panels of left wing pundits. Unfortunately, that same talented woman is being muzzled by an insecure prime minister….How sad. The bad news is, Hotoveli’s sentiments often represent what most right-wing nationalist Jews believe. If her wings are clipped, it means that she’ll be downgraded to another talking head of the Likud. This also means that one of our most effective messengers is now silenced 


The good news is that Zehut can fill the vacuum.  That’s because the party is full of intelligent women (and men) who can represent the Jewish right-wing message eloquently and with class. One advantage that Zehut has over parties like the Likud is that its platform is pretty cut and dry so everyone will be more or less on the same page entering the Knesset. And if not, I’d like to think we can handle our differences like adults without immediately resorting to threats of termination like Moshe Feiglin’s former party does.



The IDF is More Afraid of Radios than of Actual Terrorists: By David Sidman


26 Cheshvan, 5778/Nov. 16, '17


On Tuesday, the Israel’s Defense Ministry of and Coordination and Liaison Administration to Gaza (part of COGAT - The “Coordinator for Government Activity in the Territories,”) , seized hundreds of packages containing ‘contraband’. The items were ordered on Ali Express and are suspected of being intended for terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip. Among the products were drones, telescopes, binoculars, laser pointers, metal detectors, radios, camouflage devices, miniature motors, night vision goggles, special cameras, weapon parts, and knives.


And just in case your memory doesn’t serve you correctly, that’s the same IDF who less than two weeks ago admitted that they had ‘no intention’ of killing top terrorist’ masterminds when they blew up a Hamas tunnel. They did however, intend to intercept the shipment of laser pointers and telescopes.


This means that the IDF is more worried about drones, and binoculars reaching the hands of terrorists than they are about those same terrorists living, breathing and planning their next attack.


It also means that the IDF thinks that it’s okay that the terrorists, with AK-47s, mortars and machinery to dig tunnels are alive, so long as they don’t have knives and radios (as if they’re so difficult to acquire).


This irony is just another notch on the belt for a military who doesn’t know the first thing about being a military. The fact that the Arabs haven’t simply conspired a simultaneous assault as they did on Yom Kippur of 1973 is nothing short of a miracle from G-d.

But we as the nation of Israel can not afford to rely on miracles. We need a change and we need it now. With G-d’s help, the Zehut party will be the ones to bring about that very change before it’s too late.

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