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Click on image to open Excel Sheet Contact Form

Contact Lists for Donation Week


The success of Donation Week is by and large a function of the quality of the lists of potential donors. We have to get to Donation Week equipped with quality lists of people who are likely to donate when we turn to them.


We already have good lists, some of them based on the lists that you gave us for last year’s Chariday. But they are not enough. That is where you come into the picture…


The following is an explanation on how to build your contact list. Please enter your lists into the Excel file above. We recommend building your lists from your own contact list. See this film (Hebrew) for details on how to download your contact file into Excel.


How to fill out the Excel Sheet:


  1. Enter your name and cell phone number in row 3 (so that we can call you if needed).

  2. Enter the data on your contact as it appears in the file: First name, last name, cell phone and email.

  3. In column F, enter who in your opinion is the best person to turn to this contact, in accordance with the options on the list: (myself, a phone caller, a candidate, one of the members of the Zehut Council).

  4. In column G, enter your relationship to this contact from the list: (parent, sibling, friend, contact).

  5. In column H, enter the language to be spoken to this if he does not speak Hebrew fluently.

  6. The next, last column is very important. In this column, enter any relevant details about this contact. For example, best hours to reach him, minimum amount recommended to request, an issue about which he cares that is on Zehut’s agenda, a particular person recommended to call him, etc.


After you have completed the contact file, send it to


Thank you!

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