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Communal Structure Stage 2: Coordinators

A few weeks ago, we began the process of creating our “Communal Structure,” whereby members can elect Coordinators who in turn elect Delegates. Those Delegates are involved in the “lay” leadership of the Zehut party.


We are excited to announce that we are ready to choose Coordinators!


Over 30 people have offered to be Coordinators in the Communal Structure! This means that we have many options from which you can choose.


A candidate for Coordinator who has 9 supporters (besides his or herself) can become an “Acting Coordinator,” and will also be able to present themselves as Delegates to the Zehut Party Council, as well as vote for other Delegates (assuming they have 6 months membership to date).


To see (and vote for) the candidates for Coordinators, click here.


To see your personal profile, click here.


Tip: A candidate for Coordinator can vote for another candidate without harming his or her candidacy. Once a candidate has 9 supporters, they will become an Acting Coordinator, and their vote for the other candidates will be withdrawn automatically. Anyone affected by this change or others will be notified by email.


Another Tip: Candidates can view a list of their supporters on their personal profile and by doing so, stay up to date on their progress.


Simply go to the FAQ tab on the right side of your personal profile, or click this link to see the terms and conditions of the plan.


WOULD YOU ALSO LIKE TO BE A COORDINATOR? Tell your friends about Zehut, and have them join the party (in all senses!!). Here is the link for new memberships.


(We remind you that anyone who joins the party by August 20th will be able to vote in party primaries for the Knesset list, even without prior membership!)


We do ask for your patience, however, because new members still take a week or two to be added to the data base, and only then will they be able to vote in the primaries. After joining, please check in from time to time to see if your membership has been processed.


Best wishes for our continued communal success!


Nitzah Kahana

Head of the Communal Structure Project


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