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My Goal and Personal Summary

My goal in the Knesset will be to advance Zehut’s platform in general and anything that I’m assigned in particular.

Personal summary:


Has actually held Jewish national leadership roles and performed them to great satisfaction, success and praise. Experienced with government policy formulation, negotiation and adoption. Experienced negotiations with legislators and government leaders nationally and internationally.


Public figure. As Chief Rabbi of Uruguay became known in Jewish communities around the world. Eleven published books and weekly columns in both The Jewish Press and in The Times of Israel has made a wide swath of the public aware of persona and positions.


Public leadership roles as part of Likud’s Central Committee and Chief Rabbi of Uruguay. Currently helping with technology efforts within Zehut as well as reaching out to Spanish-speaking communities.


20 years since made Aliyah from the US. 12 years in Likud Central Committee. More than 9 years writing weekly Torah essays without missing one week (Thank G-d!). Started new initiative of writing Daily Torah Tweets; up to day 344 without missing one day.


Besides political and policy experience, seasoned business professional and technologist. Currently executive at billion dollar US distribution company, responsible for strategy, investments and corporate policies. Mechanical engineer by training (MS from Columbia University) and have industry experience with spectrum of energy, transportation and infrastructure requirements, challenges and solutions.


Zehut International Candidate for the Knesset

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