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About Zehut

The Zehut Party was founded in the year 2015 by Moshe Feiglin, public figures and other political activists - together with about 450 founders from all walks of Israeli society.

The Zehut Party is an Israeli-Jewish movement that advocates liberty and aspires to perfect society and the world with loyalty to the G-d of Israel.

The party's founding conference was held on 19 Elul 5775/ September 9, 2015, in the presence of hundreds of the party's founders.  At the conference, the party founders approved the party regulations and charter.

The first Zehut convention was held on February 28, 2017, at Hangar 11 in the Tel Aviv port, where more than two thousand people participated. Moshe Feiglin was elected chairman of the party and the party platform and its internal electoral system were approved by the party members.

The Zehut Platform

The Zehut platform was written in a unique and unprecedented manner as an "open source" document, by more than 60 Zehut members and professionals in various fields. It is over 350 pages long and deals with the various issues that engage Israeli society: security, economics, education, religion and state and more. The two guiding principles of the party are connection to the Jewish identity of the state while strictly observing individual freedoms and reducing intervention and government mechanisms.

The Zehut Primaries Method

Zehut is the first party in Israel to hold open primaries in which all citizens of Israel are entitled to participate.


The Zehut primary system consists of two stages:

In the first stage, 15 candidates are elected by party members.

In the second stage, all Israeli citizens are entitled to participate and rank the 15 candidates selected in the first stage.

The method of voting in the Zehut primaries (in both stages) is the 6-point system according to which each voter receives 6 points, which he can divide among the various contenders as he wishes. In this way, we succeeded in creating a clean and unique voting mechanism that does not allow the entire system of deals and political commerce.

In addition, Zehut is the first political movement to allow Diaspora Jews to participate symbolically in shaping the party's Knesset list. In every ten slots on the party list, the tenth slot is reserved for a representative of Diaspora Jewry.

The first stage of the primaries for the party's list for the elections to the 21st Knesset took place on September 12, 2017, in which the 15 candidates were elected. These candidates will now continue to the second stage of the primaries, when they will be ranked by the general public.




















The Zehut party has dozens of active headquarters scattered throughout the country, student groups in academic institutions and activist groups on various issues.

Zehut plans to participate in the elections for the 21st Knesset and bring a new message of freedom, Jewish identity and national pride to the State of Israel and its citizens. You are invited to join the revolution!

The Zehut movement advocates the establishment of a Jewish liberty state that will conduct itself as per the values of Jewish-Israeli identity and the historic covenant between the G-d of Israel and the Jewish Nation. Zehut was founded in order to run for the leadership of the State of Israel as the movement that represents the Israeli society.


With faith in the values of liberty and the Nation of Israel, Zehut strives to restore the public discourse in the State of Israel to the public – by means of the open democratic party mechanism and open social media platforms. 

Watch this clip of the Founding Zehut Conference in Tel Aviv

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